Staten Island Emergency Dentist

Staten Island Emergency Dentist

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Toothaches have different sources, but they all feel the same regardless. Pain, whether mild or severe, is an indication that something is wrong. Our Staten Island emergency dentist, Ralph Tarantino, D.M.D., is prepared to help you immediately, because every toothache carries within it the risk of an infection or tooth loss.

Of the common causes of toothaches, cavities are probably the easiest to remedy. Dental decay results in a hole forming in your tooth. That hole means that your ordinarily impenetrable tooth is now compromised. Your nerve inside is exposed, and it is the irritation of it that is why you experience a toothache. Our Staten Island emergency dentist will put in a filling to restore the tooth’s protective barriers. And if an existing filling has come loose or fallen out, the remedy is the same. Dental crowns are the way to address teeth that have been damaged, such as when a chip, crack, or fracture has occurred. The same breach of your tooth’s layers is at the center of the problem, it’s just that instead of a hole, it’s a structural break. People sometimes try to tough out a toothache, or avoid coming in right away for other reasons. This is not a good idea, though. There is absolutely nothing to be gained by waiting to get treatment. There is, however, something to lose. If your tooth becomes infected, you will need root canal therapy. And if the tooth is not a good candidate for that treatment, you may end up having it extracted. And if that is the result, you’ll have to go through the time and effort to replace the tooth. Far better to get proper care in a timely manner.

Your toothache is an urgent matter, so don’t delay getting it taken care of. When you call our office, we will have you seen by our Staten Island emergency dentist promptly.

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