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If you have a damaged tooth that needs to be restored, you may be able to have this easily achieved by use of a porcelain inlay or a porcelain onlay. Once you have had a chance to meet with our Staten Island dentist at our dental practice, Ralph Tarantino, D.M.D., he will be able to let you know which the best way is to have your tooth fixed so that it looks great and functions fully.

Staten Island dentist

At our dental practice, our expert and highly trained cosmetic dentist is Dr. Ralph Tarantino. When appropriate, our dentist will be able to use an inlay restoration to fix your tooth. Porcelain inlays are very popular because they color-match your natural tooth and cannot be seen while they are in the tooth. The onlay is made by a professional dental laboratory, and will be permanently cemented to your damaged tooth by our dentist. Inlays are used to conservatively repair teeth that have large fillings. If your tooth has extensive decay or has experienced trauma, inlays can also be effective for tooth restoration. Many patients prefer to get porcelain inlays instead of getting an unattractive silver composite fillings. When you get a porcelain inlay from our Staten Island dentist, instead of getting a porcelain crown, much less of the tooth structure needs to be removed in preparation for the inlay being installed. For this reason, a porcelain inlay may be a more desirable solution. Inlays are very durable, and are an attractive tooth solution for damaged teeth.

A porcelain onlay is different from an inlay. It is sometimes referred to as a partial crown. Onlays are also created by a professional dental laboratory before they are permanently cemented to your tooth by our Staten Island dentist. In fact, the only way an onlay differs from an inlay, is that with an onlay, one or more of the chewing cusps has been damaged and will need to be restored by the onlay as well. As with inlays, onlays are very durable and will last for many years. Onlays are used to fix broken or fractured teeth, or for purely cosmetic enhancement. Decayed teeth with broken fillings, or large fillings, are also good candidates for an onlay. When you meet with our cosmetic dentist, he will be able to let you know which the best option is to fully restore your tooth. Sometimes there are several different options that will work well, and the best dental solution may have to do with patient preference or the budget they are working with. For an appointment to meet with our top-notch dentist regarding tooth restoration using inlays or onlays, contact us today.