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Dental cleanings in Staten Island

Everyone needs to brush their teeth – but professional cleanings are important, too. While you should be brushing your teeth everyday between meals, while keeping up with other healthy oral hygiene habits, you also need to make sure to schedule biannual dental cleanings with your dentist as well. Professional cleanings do a lot for your dental health, and they can also lessen your chances of tooth decay or gum disease. But if the latter should happen, there are cleanings for that, too. With our Staten Island best dentist, Ralph Tarantino, D.M.D., you can get whatever kind of cleaning you need right here at our state of the art dental office on Grandview Avenue.

Every six months or so, patients of all ages should visit their dentist for a routine dental cleaning. As important as it is that you brush your teeth everyday, it’s also vital to have it professionally done about twice a year as well. There is only so much plaque and tartar buildup your everyday toothbrush can accomplish, so visiting the dentist becomes a necessity when preventing tooth decay and gum disease. If you need a teeth cleaning, then all you need to do is see Ralph Tarantino, D.M.D. Here at our offices, your smile is our top priority. We use the latest technology as well as the latest techniques in the dental industry to make sure we are always providing our patients with the best possible care. Usually, dental cleanings are scheduled once every six months, but if you have gum disease or have more tartar than usual, a periodontal cleaning may be in order. A periodontal cleaning is a deeper cleaning than a dental one, involving scaling and root planing to clean harder to reach areas more thoroughly.

In conjunction with routine cleanings and gum disease treatment, periodontal cleanings can help stall the progress of gum disease, allowing your dental health to recover. For more information about cleanings our Staten Island best dentist can offer, just call our office and set up an appointment with Ralph Tarantino, D.M.D. today.

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